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Short talk on "Writing about ASP.NET MVC" at Bristol .NET Developer Network, 16th October

If you’re in the Bristol (UK) area, you may be interested in the following event:

Published Oct 2, 2008

What: “Writing about ASP.NET MVC
Where: UWE (University of the West of England), Frenchay, Bristol (see FAQ for directions and a map) – Room 2q50 (in Q block)
When: Thursday 16th October 2008, 6:30pm (Doors open 6:00pm)
How to sign up

I’ll be talking about the ASP.NET MVC book I’m writing at the moment, but perhaps more interestingly, about the whole subject of writing a software book.

  • Who can write a software book?
    • How do you get a contract with a major publisher?
      • How good is the money? What other benefits do you get?
        • How much time and effort does it take? How does the editing process work?
          • Is it for you?</ul> It will be a short talk, because the main event that evening is Liam Westley‘s talk, entitled Virtualisation for developers – What, Why, Where?.

          With apologies to Oren Eini, whose talks at the same venue earlier in the same week are now unlikely to get many – if any – attendees, because of the massive enthusiasm and anticipation for mine and Liam’s blockbuster performances. :-)


Thoughts on validation in ASP.NET MVC applications

A couple of months back, I supplied some code for doing model-based validation in an ASP.NET MVC application in a way that automatically generates client-side validation JavaScript. That was pretty popular. Lots of people are enthusiastic about expressing validation rules as attributes on model properties. However, ASP.NET MVC has been enhanced since then, and so have my views on what constitutes tidy and effective validation.

Published Sep 8, 2008