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DDD7 talk: “ASP.NET MVC – Show me the code!”

Just a quick announcement for UK readers: if you’re going to DDD7, you might be interested in the following session I’m presenting.

Published Oct 22, 2008
What: ASP.NET MVC – Show me the code! (60 minutes)
Where/when: DDD7 at Microsoft’s Reading campus, Saturday 22nd November 2008, 10.40am in “Chicago 1″ room
Description: Microsoft’s new MVC-based web development framework has got the bloggers all excited – but what’s it like to use? What’s wrong with classic ASP.NET, and how does MVC do better or worse? In this session we build a small web application, comparing the development experience with classic ASP.NET. See MVC architecture, clean URLs, unit testing, tight HTML, and simple ajax at work.

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day is a free one-day event run by the UK .NET community for the UK .NET community. It’s among the largest such events in the UK, so I’m excited to be presenting a session! Judging by the list of speakers and the event’s reputation, quality should be pretty high, and the technical content should be pretty deep.

Registration has just opened, but be warned: it will likely sell out within the next 24 hours…


Partial Output Caching in ASP.NET MVC

The ASP.NET platform provides two major caching facilities:

Published Oct 15, 2008