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The ego post

Somebody recently pointed out to me that my “About me” page was ridiculously sparse. It just stated my name and city, and that was it. Was I trying to hide something? No, I just didn’t think it was important to most readers.

So anyway… If for any reason you’re interested in who I previously worked for, what I studied at university, who I’m married to, or what you’d have to do to hire me, you can now find out.

3 Responses to The ego post

  1. Hi Steven ,

    Thanks for your sharing .

    There are some peoples are requesing the multiple files upload function, and I also need to implement it to my projects.
    Could you please also work it out for us ?


  2. Steven ,

    I mean the async file upload plugin.


  3. manoj

    hi , is this plugin work with jQuery .1.7.1.js. if any changes that i have do , please let me know .
    thank you,