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Knockout 2.1.0 released

Last night we released version 2.1.0 of knockout.js. This brings a whole bundle of added functionality and performance improvements. For a more detailed rundown of what’s new, see Ryan Niemeyer’s blog post.

Published May 9, 2012

With this release we welcome new core team member Michael Best, who implemented a lot of the 2.1.0 goodness. One of my favourite new features is the $index context variable. Here’s a short usage example:

The cool thing is that $index is an observable and is updated automatically as you add or remove items in any collection bound to a foreach (and so your UI will update to match). Impressively, Michael was able to add this new functionality while simultaneously *improving *the performance of foreach whether or not you are using $index!

We also benefited from pull requests, issue reports, and feature suggestions from many others in the community. Special thanks to neonstalwart and mtscout6 for not only implementing AMD module loader support and putting up with a lot of questions from me, but even including full documentation pages in their pull request – flawless OSS etiquette!

Again, if you want to know more about what’s new in KO 2.1.0, head on over to Ryan’s post for a full rundown.


Single Page Application packages and samples

This post is for you if you saw my ASP.NET Single Page Applications presentation at recent conferences and would like to try out the code for yourself.

Published Mar 6, 2012