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Node.js development with WebMatrix 2 + Express (Part 3)

This is the third in a three-part series of videos about building a mobile web app with Node.js, Express, and WebMatrix:

  1. Getting started with Node and Express using WebMatrix 2 — 12 minutes
  2. Building a web app with static UI / dynamic API architecture — 20 minutes
  3. (This post) Hints and tricks for optimising for mobiles — 14 minutes

This third video puts the focus on mobile devices, which is the main target audience for our app. You’ll see ways of improving the user experience on small screens, using caching to make the app load incredibly quickly even over a low-bandwidth connection, and pushing real-time updates to clients. Finally you’ll see a few iOS-specific tricks.

Here’s the video. Be sure to watch it full-screen in 720p quality, by the way, for the most readable code…

Want to download the code?

As before, the source repo is on GitHub. Or, you can download the exact version of the code corresponding to the end of the part 3 video.

20 Responses to Node.js development with WebMatrix 2 + Express (Part 3)

  1. Dominick

    Just outstanding.

  2. Nathan Lindorff

    Thanks for posting this Steve! I’ve really enjoyed this mini series. I also really enjoyed your SPA presentation given to the Tech Day in the Netherlands. I’m (i think!) learning quite a bit from it all.

  3. Tomek

    Steve, this is absolutely epic. I really enjoyed that last part about optimizing application for mobile devices. It is so simple and powerful.
    I can`t wait to see more of your videos!

  4. You have really hit it now Steve! You should do screencasts daily. Honestly, I would pay to watch you conduct these ‘casts. The weight that Hanselman gives to your programming prowess is well deserved.

  5. Tomek

    Hey, what IPhone emulator are you using ?

  6. Jishnu

    Thanks steve. I would really like to see some real database stuff with nodejs also. Neverthless this screencast was just mind blowing.

  7. Ira

    Very sad that this is only a 3 part series!

  8. Mike

    Steven is the absolute best! I learn more in one of his 15 minute videos than I do in hours of reading docs, blogs, and videos. It’s as though his inquisitive style kelps him wondering how things work, drives him to investigate and then he makes a great video which answers the exact questions I’ve been wondering about.

    Too bad about webmatrix and IISExpress –IISExpress keeps stopping (crashing) when running the examples. Run node on its own, and everything is fine…

  9. I’d just like to state that I can’t find any pictures with both Simon Pegg and Steven Sanderson together, so I’m assuming they’re actually the same person until proven otherwise.

  10. grattacazzo

    W O W those were just GREAT !! there are somewhere node tuts great like those?

    I tried a lot of IDEs (eclipse, aptana, netbeans) and editors, last one was sublime text, why there isn’t a great node IDE like webmatrix2 on osx?

  11. Great stuff!!! I have benn putting off looking into node.js for far too long now :)


  12. Chris

    Steve, any chance you’ll do a video or post comparing SignalR / WebAPI and NodeJS as i’m busy moving toward MVVM for future projects and im trying to decide which way i’m going, while simultaneiously moving from VB.NET to C# as my primary development language … Yes yes its time for changes… would really like some input from the pro’s though.

  13. Apart from the great tutorial, I especially like that you are running it on a ZX Spectrum ;) .

  14. Steve Gentile

    nice post. It’s a real shame that Microsoft didn’t create this tool with cross-platform support

  15. What a great demo of this new fantastic technologies, for simple applications there’s no need to build a full native app when a good HTML5 + Javascript + Node web app will do, and this tutorial proves it !!

  16. Ellory

    Thank you!!! This is a very nicely put intro to node.js. I’m interested in using WebMatrix and Node.js for mobile “hybrid” apps. With WebMatrix, can I use PhoneGap or is there similar library available for cross-mobile platform app development? Is Android also supported?

  17. Steve – you are the master! I salute you and will never try to do a technical presentation in that speed.

    Amazingly clear despite the break-neck speed.

    Thank you sensei!

  18. Reio

    @grattacazzo: try WebStorm by jetbrains

  19. LRP

    amazing !!!! I am a dev lead working on a hybrid app for a fortune 50 company… Thanks to you, sooner than later you might see a great app :)

  20. Jeans

    Dude, this is gold.
    Thanks for sharing :)