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IndexedDB in Blazor

Aug 3, 2019

Exploring the Reshiru.Blazor.IndexedDB package Read More

Blazor: a technical introduction

Feb 6, 2018

Deeper technical details about Blazor Read More

Running Blazor on Mono in the browser

Nov 5, 2017

Blazor is an experimental single-page application (SPA) framework that runs on .NET in the browser. Read More

ASP.NET Core + Angular 2 template for Visual Studio

Oct 4, 2016

Now that ASP.NET Core, Angular 2, and TypeScript 2 have all shipped final versions, it’s a great time to combine them all into one powerful rich web application platform. Read More

Angular 2, React, and Knockout apps on ASP.NET Core

May 2, 2016

One of our goals for ASP.NET Core is to make it a truly first-rate platform for building modern rich JavaScript apps (sometimes called single-page apps). This is the feature area I’m personally focused on, so in this post I want to describe what we’re up to and ask for your feedback. Read More

Knockout 3.2.0 released

Aug 18, 2014

This one has been slow-cooking since February and it’s good. For the first time in a while, this release focuses on adding some significant new features to Knockout. Almost any developer using KO should seriously consider making use of these, as they can greatly streamline your code. Read More