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Video: ASP.NET MVC – Show me the code!

If you’re new to ASP.NET MVC and are wondering what it’s all about, or if you have colleagues who don’t yet get it, then I hope this video might help. It’s a recording of a talk that I gave at the DDD7 conference in November 2008, covering the following:

  • Why ASP.NET MVC is worth caring about [first 10 minutes with Powerpoint]
  • What ASP.NET MVC is like to use [remaining 42 minutes of pure coding]

In the talk, I build a sample file-hosting application that demonstrates ASP.NET MVC’s approach to tidy code structure, clean URLs, full control over HTML markup, and simple Ajax. Here goes:


Sorry that the code is difficult to read at various points – hopefully the verbal description should explain adequately what’s going on.

With thanks to Liam Westley for physically mailing me the DVD, and to the DDD7 team and Microsoft UK for running and hosting such an excellent event and for filming the talks.

It’s kind of weird to watch myself! Hopefully though I can learn from my mistakes and deliver a slicker presentation next time… :)

Download the code used in this talk – you can get the completed source code for the “file host demo” that I built in this session here. Please note that this code is intended to work with the Beta version of ASP.NET MVC. It should be compatible with newer versions of ASP.NET MVC with some modifications, but I haven’t attempted it myself.

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16 Responses to Video: ASP.NET MVC – Show me the code!

  1. I’m on TV! Baldy in the middle.
    Great talk Steve – really enjoyed it.

  2. Bill

    Any chance of you releasing the code used in this talk?

  3. Steve

    @Bill – yes, definitely! I’ll try to post it within the next day or so.

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  5. Wondering if this presentation is available in other formats such as mp3.

  6. Steve

    @Joubin – it’s probably best to stick to the online video. An audio-only format such as MP3 wouldn’t be very helpful because you really need to see the visuals for it all to make sense.

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  8. cowgaR

    ironically it is called show me the code…

    I think we all need to try harder, so the code will finally be avaiable to download ;p and shown ;)

    btw you speak very very fast, I understand you had to and luckily your voice is quite alright to understand, but I think non-native-english speakers would have a problem here and there (count me in)

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  10. Steve

    @cowgaR – my apologies for taking so long to get round to putting the code up. Since the ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate came out last week I’ve become extremely busy finishing my book.

    You can now download the code for the file host demo by following the link I’ve added at the end of the blog post.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Thanks again for great information and clean code :) Your blog is one of the most useful for MVC on the net!


  12. Steve,

    On matters of presentation, I have one in particular. You need to slow your rate of speech. Talking as fast as you do limits questions from the audience as they tend to feel that you don’t really want to be interrupted. Take it from a life-long speed-speaker, slow it down a little and you’ll end up giving the audience more of what they want.

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  14. Thanks for great information and this code
    realy your blog help me in mvc

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  16. G.Prabhu.Yadav

    Hi, Mr:Steve i have seen your video,its good but your speech rate is so fast,because iam an indian so that its bit difficult to understand.

    Thanks & Regards