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Readers in or near south west UK will be interested to hear that the brand-new DDD South West website has just been opened to the public. DDD SW is a free one-day conference for .NET developers, with sessions covering the new and the great in .NET and related technologies, plus an alternative track containing debates, discussions, workshops, and a ‘planning poker’ simulation. See the full agenda for more details.

DDD SW will be held at Queens College, Taunton on Saturday 23rd May. In the fine tradition of DDD events, there’ll be free food and no doubt plenty of swag to take home. Registration opens on Tuesday 3rd March. Note that the previous DDD 7 event was “sold out” within a few hours of registration opening, so you’ll have to sign up quick.

Me too!

If you read the agenda closely, you might notice that I’ll be presenting the following session:

What: Real-world MVC architecture (60 minutes)
Where/when: DDD SW at Queens College Taunton, Saturday 23nd May 2009
Description: If you could rewrite your current web application from scratch, how would you architect it? In this session I’ll show how ASP.NET MVC supports up-to-date thinking in clean software design, including key domain driven design principles, test-driven development, and swappable data access technologies using repositories. I’ll even throw in a bit of Silverlight, just to show how a strong domain model lets multiple UI technologies share not just data but also a single set of business rules. The focus will be on code, not slides or abstract explanations.

You too!

If you’re interested in speaking at DDD SW, the call for first-time speakers has just opened, too. This is a chance for anyone who’s never presented at a major event (this means TechEd, DevWeek, any previous DDD event, etc.) to give it a shot. Why not submit a session proposal? It could be your big moment!


Video: ASP.NET MVC – Show me the code!

If you’re new to ASP.NET MVC and are wondering what it’s all about, or if you have colleagues who don’t yet get it, then I hope this video might help. It’s a recording of a talk that I gave at the DDD7 conference in November 2008, covering the following:

Published Jan 26, 2009